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About Us

We believe the world would be a better place if more people practiced the superpower of Emotional Intelligence.

What sort of a world would that look like?

People having the superpower to establish satisfying connection with others without compromising on their own values.

People having the superpower to express ourselves honestly yet without blame and criticism.

There would be better collaboration. Productivity and well-being would go up.

That’s the kind of world we want to live in. And so, we are taking matters into our own hands by investing our time, energy and effort in designing self-reflective learning experiences for individuals and teams to learn the skills of Emotional Intelligence.

My Emotions Matter Team

How we got started

As individuals with struggles in our own lives, we stumbled upon the concept of Emotional Intelligence in 2015. Amazed by concepts dating as far back as 1997, it got us thinking: why weren’t we taught these invaluable skills right from our school days? Instead of getting stuck in blaming the current system, we wanted to be a part of the solution. After experimenting for a couple of years, My Emotions Matter was formally unveiled in 2018 as a life-long mission of ours to spread social-emotional learning in Nepal and beyond.

Our Values

Lead with integrity
Stay accountable
Focus on the essential
Continually learn and grow
Cultivate mutually satisfying relationships
Stay in it for the long haul
Enjoy the process and don't forget why you started

Get to know the Team

Dr. Bhawana Shrestha of My Emotions Matter

Dr. Bhawana Shrestha


‘Feeling Shrestha’ is our co-founder. A fantastic storyteller, she is someone who is meticulous with her work and expects the same from those she works with. Whenever she’s not working, you will find her spending time alone watching Netflix. A good person to reach out to if you need good movie recommendations (make sure you text and not call), Bhawana loves traveling and poetry.

Sagar Satyal of My Emotions Matter

Sagar Satyal


'Silly Satyal' is our co-founder. An ardent support of Chelsea Football Club since 2004, he enjoys introspective spaces and cherishes the small joys of everyday life. He likes taking a walk in nature, watching random Youtube videos and delights at the prospect of how our work at My Emotions Matter gives him something to look forward to.

Aprajita Jha of My Emotions Matter

Aprajita Jha


‘AJ’, our Linchpin, has been with us ever since our inception. A go to person if you need to feel heard, AJ likes writing poems to ease her existential angst. Someone who delights in the small pleasures of everyday life, AJ finds meaning in the mission My Emotions Matter is striving for.